About Us


Please support small American Veteran owned businesses and Buy it from the inventor of the TRAC Tire Jack! -Dave Teal



Having been in the tire industry for 35 years, We have seen many gadgets and tools designed to help tire techs perform thier jobs easier and safer. I designed the TRAC Tire Jack to solve one of the most difficult tasks, removing and installing heavy wheel/ tire assemblies, as you can se from the videos, it does just that, It helps prevent back injuries by simply using a lever and a roller and keeps the tech's feet from being underneath the vehicle which is very unsafe if a jack were to slip or fail.

Our other products come from inventors with the same idea in mind , safer and easier tools designed to help you do your job with less effort and less chance of an injury.




We are working on other products and will offer them as soon as they are ready


The Return On Investment will pay for itself when one accident is prevented.